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Has anyone asked if The Wicked + the Divine will have a letters section yet? Will it? Will the letters section have a title? Will it have a TITLE CONTEST? I am betting that the letters section you will almost certainly have will be filled with amazing letters.


Er… maybe? I’ve got a few ideas for things, but there’s always room in the back, which we could use for yabber. We do like yabber.

Anyone out there got a name? GO!

Okay, I am sure this doesn’t work, but since I asked the question: I *did* just come up with THE WRITTEN + THE INSCRIBED. Which makes me laugh, at least.

It’s funny. Issue one isn’t even out yet, and already I’m thinking about the letters section, which means I’m thinking about the comic’s community. Which hasn’t and can’t have formed yet. 

But, even letting alone the Young Avengers/Journey into Mystery/Phonogram fandom that will likely come along for WicDiv, the community of “people who want comics that are exciting and new and relevant and fun and thoughtful” has got to be aware of this thing now. I imagine they/we are going to want to follow from the start. The advance praise is pretty staggering.

At this point, it’s both that a) I have a tremendous amount of faith in Gillen/McKelvie, particularly in this case when they seem to be so invested in the project themselves, and b) I *really, really* want to believe Gillen when he says that The Wicked + the Divine is going to be fundamentally newabout being alive in 2014. I want something like that,and I want it from comics. I think comics have a shot at doing it better, for me, than almost anything else. Because right now, in 2014, comics have this weird combination of freedom and visibility and popularity and history and uncertainty and and and…

So I’m jumping the gun, but I’d love for this to live up to my weird, projected hopes for it. And part of that involves a community, and part of THAT involves a letters section. Which matters to me because it’s where the community becomes part of the comic. It’s special when comics are amazing enough that you’d want to be part of them, but it’s also a special thing aboutcomics that one can be part of them in that way.

I honestly don’t know if I’m going to fall in love with The Wicked & the Divine. I mean, there’s a month to go before our first date! And I know that projecting all of one’s… whatever… onto an, um, comic, is a recipe for disappointment.

Still, though, there’s that hope. And that excitement. Which is part of the fun, no matter how it all shakes out. 

The assumption that work is a passport to dignity and security, that work is what makes life worth living, is so deeply embedded in our culture that it is almost heretical to think otherwise. But the problem isn’t just the lack of work. It’s also the lack of hope. Young people leaving school and university can no longer kid themselves that their future is likely to include a stable place to live, love and get on with growing up, even if they do manage to find paid work.

Here’s what is notably not being said to the young and desperate: you are more than your inability to find a job. Your value to a potential employer is not the sole measure of your worth as a person. If you can find only precarious, exhausting, depressing work, or if you can’t find work at all, that doesn’t mean you are useless, lazy, or a “waste of space”.

I know I don’t txt [enough/too much] because, whenever I see a screencap of someone else’s humorous txt exchange, I still have to pull out my phone to remember which side/color is the phoneholder’s.

alternate interpretation: my observation skills and/or visual memory are terrible.

I apparently did want to acknowledge the existence of this tumblr, however.

I almost decided to use this tumblr to post some thoughts and opinions about the new Lily Allen song/video "Hard Out Here", but then I realized I didn’t want to do that.

whereas the way culture works at the moment (hi RapGenius) it’s full of mechanisms to mollify and remove bafflement and it’s accompanying embarrassment or doubt, but these mechanisms only really work upwards.

Holy smokes. This, an aside in an already really interesting discussion, is the first thing to really help me get why RapGenius could be problematic—not just because of the actions of its founders, or the way jerks/trolls on the site use it, but actually in itself, from conception. 



I’ve never liked the “fragmented culture” idea that much and it seems really inadequate to describe things like the reaction to Breaking Bad. In a really fragmented culture I would be basically unaware of a TV show I’ve not watched and which few of my…

I’m against Geek Boundary Policing and impressed by cosplay in general, so really it wouldn’t matter to me if this WAS a steampunk gender-swapped Joker (and thus it shouldn’t have to be defended), but still pretty satisfying to see the tables so perfectly turned on internet geek assholery.

I’m against Geek Boundary Policing and impressed by cosplay in general, so really it wouldn’t matter to me if this WAS a steampunk gender-swapped Joker (and thus it shouldn’t have to be defended), but still pretty satisfying to see the tables so perfectly turned on internet geek assholery.

Amazing headline, disturbingly convincing content.

At what point did statements like this become possible? How many years back would you have to go before someone would look at the phrase “baby name oddly short on brand potential” and have no idea what you could possibly be talking about?


(FWIW, in the tiny corner of my brain where I’m invested in/judge the decisions of people I don’t know, I am disappointed by the decision to name this baby “North West.” Possibly because my kneejerk assumption is that parents who give their kid a gimmick name are more interested in themselves than in the kid; possibly because it’s not even a gimmick name, but a joke name, which is about three times worse; probably because it’s such an *easy* joke name, the joke that thousands of people made about the kid’s name before she had one, and Kanye particularly had seemed like one of the few people entirely enmeshed in celebrity culture who could still be surprising.)

(Is there any particularly essential writing about Kim Kardashian out there? I know very little about her at the moment.) 


there’s a mean bone in my body.

first song i heard from the first band that really got me into “indie.” haven’t listened to it in years, can hear it perfectly in my head. feels, chills, etc.

can’t watch frightened rabbit music videos. i look at every single one and just see sad bearded white dudes being sad and bearded.


can still listen to frightened rabbit music.

(and this vid’s okay.)


When my blood stops,
someone else’s will not.
When my head rolls off,
someone else’s will turn.
And while I’m alive,
I’ll make tiny changes to Earth.


"dead now" is my favorite off the new record at the moment and its lyrics are too embarrassing to transcribe